Project Planning & Management Ltd.

Project Planning & Management has been in operation since 10 years already on the market as consulting & engineering company, based in Sofia Bulgaria with Registered Branch Companies in Barbados and in United Republic of Tanzania. The company specializes in providing technical assistance & engineering design services in the areas of infrastructure development, transport, environment, water supply and sanitation, hydraulic structures, spatial planning, and urban development. The company is working globally in the market, offering service to national and international clients. The geographical scope of our activities covers Eastern Europe, West Balkans, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Caribbean Region.
We are a multidisciplinary team of planning engineers, architects, economists and legal experts with practical experience in infrastructure projects implementation, created throughout the year’s strong relationships with our clients, based on loyalty, personal relations and trust. Our principle and main rule is to exceed the expectations, delivering value added to the Clients and achieving the planning and goals of each project at maximum quality level.




Latest news


In the new copy of ,,City Magazine“ is described that “”PPM team drew up one of a kind project“

This one of a kind project relates to a socialization of a riverbed in an urbanized area on a large scale. It is being developed by a team of ,,Project Planning and Management‘’ - Sofia. The implementation will cost more than 31 million Bulgarian Leva and is planned in several stages, with different sources of funding.


New contract in Tanzania

Reli Assets Holding Company awarded a project to PPM for "Designing an Infrastructure Maintenance organization and sustainable maintenance program".


PPM celebrates anniversary

PPM celebrates 10 years anniversary.


New contract in Turkey

Project Planning & Management Ltd. has been awarded the following assignment: “Assistance to the Delegation of the European Union on IPA II Period Preparations for the Transport Sector Operational Programme" under Framework Contract Benef 2013 Lot 2 – Transport and Infrastructures

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