Technical Services:
• Transport Master-plans
• Due-Diligence analysis (technical, financial, legal and environmental etc.)
• Feasibility Studies and preliminary designs
• Traffic forecast and transport modelling
• Financial and cost-benefit analysis
• Road Safety Audits
• Technical Audits
• Detailed Engineering Designs incl. topographic surveys, hydrologic reports, civil engineering design reports
• Bills of quantities and cost estimates
• Design Authorization and Construction Supervision
• Bidding documents elaboration and procurement support

Institutional Support Services:
• Technical assistance and project management during investment process
• PPP Projects, transaction formulation and transaction advisory and financial closure
• Transport high-level strategies and programs formulation and evaluation
• Capacity building and institutional support for improved management of transport infrastructure

Main services provided for: Railways, Roads and Highways, Inland water and Marine Ports, Bridges, Airports and related infrastructure, Public Transport incl. Busses, Trams, Trolleys and Light Urban and Sub-Urban Rail.

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