Technical Services:
• Preliminary outline and detailed engineering designs, drawings, cost estimates, BoQs of renewable energy projects (PV parks etc.);
• Reviewing construction blueprints and plans for PV parks; performing field inspections through various stages of the construction process
• Economic and financial analysis of renewable energy projects;
• Due diligence, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies in renewable energy deals;
• Design of PPPs for major renewable energy initiatives;
• Construction supervision, PIU Support, technical assistance for management and implementation of energy projects;
• Energy resource estimate & revenue advice/audit;
• Energy audit and certification;
• Energy efficiency financing (incl. project structuring, such as for ESCOs, Energy performance contracting);
• Market analysis (supply/demand balance, needs of new power capacity);

Institutional Support Services:
• Develop sector-wide or issue-based assessments for specific countries and markets; planning and programming of national and sector strategies;
• Development of project pipelines in the field of renewable energy;
• Conducting market and sector analyses covering financial, economic, commercial, and regulatory aspects of energy efficiency policies for specific countries.
• Capacity building and institutional support for improved management of energy services
• Energy sector policy & regulation;

Our core services are provided for: Energy efficiency in buildings and industry, Renewable energy networks, Energy efficiency Design, Energy district utilities’ rehabilitation, Introduction of energy efficiency measures, EEcompliance assessment, Energy Efficiency Audit, heating, ventilation, electricity and lightings efficiency.

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