Integrated Plan for Urban Development Town of Petrich

Reference Number 39

Elaboration of Integrated Plan for Urban Restoration and Development of Town of Petrich (30 000 citizens). PPM provided the following services: 

  • Economic and social analysis and SWOT analysis of the affected urban territory
  • Workshops and meetings and consultations with stakeholders within the town territory
  • Formulation of Urban Development Vision for the city till 2020.
  • Formulation and spatial planning of 3 zones for focused infrastructure interventions – Social Development Zone, Public Areas Zone and Economic Growth Zone.
  • Formation of projects concepts for urban development and restoration including:
  • Urban roads network improvement- Social Infrastructure Improvements and Energy efficiency measures implementation in the public buildings
  • Public Areas interventions and Energy Efficiency measures implementation in the public lightening
  • Spatial plans
  • Environmental report for the plan

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